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Sleigh Bed to Sleigh Bench

Sleigh Bed to Sleigh


Within my circle of family and friends I am known as craftsman able to make something from almost nothing. With that in mind a family member gave me a queen size sleigh bed frame they had used and kept since they were married more than 30 years prior. Since my wife had agreed to accept this project, I reluctantly agreed to store it and figured it would end up as firewood sometime in the near future. It was covered and stored outside for at least 2 years. As other projects were completed it became time to do something with this frame. I pulled it from under cover and began to see the possibilities that my wife had in mind. I could now see a bench. First task would be to strip the old varnish and imagine a re-design. The headboard became the back and the footboard became the front legs. The 2 side boards were used for the seat. Now it is a bench. Refinished with a stain and protective coat it fit in perfectly with the décor in the entryway in our home where we enjoyed this piece for a few years.

In the meantime, the family member is in the market for a new home. After much exploring and contemplating. The perfect home is identified and acquired. In my Real Estate business, I will offer some type of closing gift. In this case I was unsure of a fitting gift. Until like the visualization of the bench I realized of course the Bench is the gift. How fitting for this particular piece of furniture and memories go back to the family.

They were surprised when the bench was a gift to them. They now have it sitting in their new home. They are so happy to have the bench and the memories.

This started a trend. To date I have converted several other bed frames to benches.

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