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  • Larry Miller

Parallels in Life

My Real Estate career has been full of surprises. One story that come to mind:

I was referred to Clients Tom and Lisa by a close friend. They owned a farm with a riding arena in the Skagit Valley and were ready for their next chapter. Tom had kept up on the maintenance and both made sure they were packed, so we listed the property right away and began our search. Within 2 weeks we had agreed to a sale. With a buyer in place we began our search.

The new home would need to accommodate gardening, outdoor living and an option for a multi-generational space.

Tom and Lisa were just finishing s career in Kayak design and manufacturing and anticipating an active life going forward.

Through our collective efforts we identified the home that check all the boxes. We made an offer and the seller asked to contemplate the offer over the weekend.

Meantime I made a trip to my sister’s farm in Oregon in my truck with a rack to deliver a 20 gate I had acquired along the way. While I was there, I thought about a Kayak she had would be perfect for my lake property. She agreed to let me take the Kayak. So, I tossed it on the rack.

Upon my return home I was unloading the Kayak and received a phone call regarding Tom and Lisa’s offer. The Seller had accepted our offer! So happy to be able to let Tom and Lisa know they are going to get the home that matched their vibe. I went back to the Kayak turned it over and Tom’s name was on it as the designer. Wow! I still have that Kayak and enjoy it every chance I get.

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