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3 Budget Friendly Ways to Re-vamp Your Home

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you're like most people spending extensive periods of time at home has increased interest in home improvement projects. Shelter in place doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I have carved out various projects to entertain myself, while improving the appearance of my own home. Below is a list of my adventures and tips you can utilize to revamp your home in an economical and eco-friendly way. I hope you find them useful!

1. Create a Unique Garden Path

The materials I used to complete this unique path were made with several rounds of concrete. I typically have a few molds on hand when I have concrete delivered due to my numerous past home building projects. However, concrete is easy to work with, you can find bags at your local hardware store. A fun way to personalize your steps are to press leaves, different stones, or pinecones when the cement is setting. Also, a budget effective way to fill in the surrounding area is to place greenery and small rocks around the steps. These steps create a luxurious path in your backyard for any budget.

2. Detail Your Shed with Local Resources

You would be surprised to discover what you already have. This cabin/shed has been in 3 different locations over the years before this final move.

Before After

I completed this project by utilizing mostly repurposed materials from my own home. The wood planks that I used for the re-vamped shed were from the rescue I did on Mercer Island when a building was being torn down. I also installed window screening on the sides from my local hardware store. The front porch and steps to the new planting shed are repurposed from several different sources . Not only did this save me money, but it re-purposed the wood in an eco-friendly way. Keep your eyes open for reusable materials with character.

3. Utilize Old Windows to Revamp a Space

Another great way to boost your space without having to spend a fortune is to your re-vamp your windows. I typically find the unique windows at Second Hand stores, garage sales and from previous renovation projects I worked on. I recommend sanding your windows, using a primer, and finding a paint color that suits your home. These steps will add a fresh, more updated appearance.

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